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If you live in the UK, you are probably tired of always being shut up in your house for long periods of the year just to stay warm, and if you have a nice garden, chances are you don’t get to see it that often other than through a small window. A conservatory can change all that.

The right conservatory can allow you to sit and enjoy your garden 12 months of the year. As well as being a wonderful addition to your homes value, you will find that your home will be flooded with natural light, which you can enjoy and use while working or relaxing.

Conservatives are also generally a lot less expensive than adding an extension to your home, and also can be built much quicker and usually without any planning permission. Many people use the space for growing plants and vegetables all year round, or for relaxing with friends, or just to have an additional room to enjoy the extra space.

Your new conservatory will no doubt be a wonderful added feature to your home, and as such will significantly add value and make your house a more attractive option if you ever decide to sell. Many of the people who add a conservatory consider it to be the best room in their home, both in the warm summer months and also when heated in the winter.

Natural Light.
One of the great benefits of your new conservatory is that you will have a room that is flooded with natural light, a place that you can sit and enjoy all year round and benefit from all that light while still being warm indoors. This is one of the reasons that a conservatory makes a great art studio or workshop. It also makes for a wonderful and inspiring home office, positively effecting productivity.

An Indoor Garden
You will also benefit from being able to bring your less hardy plants indoors when the weather gets too cold for your favourite plants. Fresh flowers, vegetables and herbs are grown all year round if kept in planters in your conservatory, just another of the many advantages that you will find.

At Doors and Windows Mansfield we offer a wide range of styles of orangeries and conservatories, so that we have something to suit all types of property. We can help you to get the room you desire, giving you that perfect space you will enjoy for years to come, while adding value to your home.

As well as the more traditional conservatory designs, the last few years have shown a big rise in the popularity of modern glass and cross over extensions, which offer a more contemporary feel and more permanent structure. These rooms with spot lighting, insulated glass, sliding doors and integral heating, are an interesting options and a more integral part of your home than a traditional extension or conservatory.

Again there is usually no planning permission required, meaning that for less cost and hassle you can add the additional space that you require. So call us or email using our easy quote form, and ask us about our fabulous range of conservatory options and extensions, and let us help you to get the kitchen extension, new dining area, office or garden room that will enhance your beautiful home. Most people say after adding a conservatory or orangery report that it was the best investment that they have ever made.

The enjoyment they get from being able to sit in the garden later in the evenings, or in the winter months, and still be warm and cosy. To sit and read or listen to music in the natural light when normally they would be shut in a dark room is a wonderful advantage, and one that you will enjoy for many years to come.

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