So What Exactly is Double Glazing

In its simplest terms, double glazing refers to a window that utilises two panes of glass, rather than just one. The space that exists between the two panes is of various sizes, but is usually filled with argon, an inert gas, that interferes with the ability of heat and sound to transmit between the panes, creating a barrier and reducing heat loss and noise. This is the reason that so many people choose to fit their homes with double glazing, because it makes a huge difference to the heat loss and energy bills each and every month.

So how does it work
Your new double glazed windows work because they create an insulated barrier between the cold outside and the warm inside of your house. Argon, the gas that fills the void between the two panes is a very poor transmitter of heat, so forming an effective barrier.

In really simple terms …….
it works just like an environmentally friendly ham sandwich! In the case of our double glazed windows, the bread in the sandwich is modern energy efficient glass, which is designed in such a way that it slows the heat flow through the glass, keeping your home warmer.

The ham in this sandwich is the cushion of inert argon gas, a naturally occurring gas in our atmosphere, which is non reactive, and makes a perfect insulator, because it dramatically reduces the ability of heat to move between the panes of glass. The end result of all this is that any heat in your home stays there, and the cold stays on the outside.

Double glazing differences.
Not all double glazing is made the same, and it is important to consider the energy efficiency rating of any double glazing product to determine its efficiency. There are for example some double glazed windows that have a C rating, and will offer a lower level of insulation, when compared to an A rating system.

Both are recommended by the energy saving trust, but they both have different energy saving properties.

Triple Glazing
The biggest energy saving benefit can be felt by making the move from a single to a double glazed unit. Triple glazing is shown to offer some energy saving benefits, however it comes at a much higher price, and does not usually offer such a good return on the investment as double glazing. So it is generally assumed that double glazed units offer a better balance of cost versus the expected energy savings.

However, if your home is in a very noisy area, such as close to a motorway or airport, triple glazing can be of great benefit when looking for sound reduction.

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