The Benefits Of Using Energy Efficient Windows To Reduce Draughts

Energy efficient windows will save you energy and money – thats a fact! Every house will lose heat via the windows. Nonetheless, you can limit the loss of heat using the right draught exclusion windows. Double glazing helps to keep the house warmer, and it also keeps the excess noise out. The glazing can also contribute to cutting down on the energy bills. Whichever the case, it is overly important to use the energy efficient windows to reduce the draughts in the house.

How do energy efficient windows reduce draughts?
When windows are double glazed, they will have two glass sheets, with a gap between them. Normally, the gap can be about 16mm, which will create a barrier that will prevent the heat from moving out. The gap might be filled with gas. With the triple glazing, there will be three glass sheets with spaces between each other. The double-glazed glasses tend to be more efficient. energy efficient windows graphic

What to look for in energy efficient windows
Energy-efficient windows will be designed in different styles and frame materials. You will want to consider the following;

• Is the window able to prevent heat from passing via the window?
• How much does sunlight pass through the glass?
• The possibilities of air to leak through the window, from outside or inside.
• The glass. You will want to consider the type of glass that you choose. The most recommended is the Low-E, Low Emissivity glass. The Low-E glass has a metal oxide coating that is invisible. This coating is typically applied on either of the internal glass panes. Even though it will allow heat and light to enter, it will reduce the amount of heat that moves out.
• The gaps between the glasses. Most of the energy efficient windows will apply gases like xenon, krypton, or argon between the glass sheets. These are the most efficient gases.
• The spacer of the panes. The pane spacers will be placed near the inner edges. This helps to keep the glass panes apart. The best option is a pane spacer that has less or no metal at all. They will mostly be called the warm edge spacers.
• Consider the frame material. Each material will have different performance altogether. The uPVC is durable and recyclable. Conversely, wooden frames will have a limited environmental impact, though they are costly to maintain. Steel or aluminum frames are slim and durable. Composite frames are made with an inner timber frame that is enclosed with plastic or aluminum. They are also easy to maintain.

Should you install energy-efficient windows
There are many reasons for installing a draught exclusion window, and they include the following;

• It saves on the energy costs.
• There is a limited carbon footprint.
• They make the home more comfortable. These windows will limit the heat and will keep the house warm enough.
• They are quiet and peaceful. They will also act as a noise barrier, which keeps your house quite enough.
• They limit the condensation. These windows will cut down on the build-up of condensation on the inner windows.

Generally, with the draught exclusion windows, you will have a peace of mind. Above all, you will end up saving a lot of money. Choosing the right material will help you cut down on the maintenance costs too.

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Energy efficient windows are a great option and will help you to stay warm and reduce your costs. Call us today. The video below highlights some of the advantages that you can expect.