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Doors and Windows Mansfield are specialists in the maintenance and installation of UPVC Guttering and Fascia Systems. We only use the very best and attractive products available on the market today, which will uphold the integrity of your home, and at the same time add to its beauty.

Modern UPVC fascias soffits and bargeboards are manufactured to the highest standards, they are waterproof, UV resistant, so they don’t fade in sunlight, and are also light and durable. Gone are the days of replacing rotting exterior timbers, which then require regular painting to protect from weathering, only to find the they need replacing again after several years when the rot starts to set in.

Replace your exterior woodwork with modern UPVC and be confident that it will enhance your home and keep damaging water and moisture away for years to come.

Leaking and cracked gutters are useless, and put your home at risk of damp and mould. We can professionally install level and properly aligned guttering in PVC, which will need very little maintenance, and allow rainwater to quickly and safely drain away.

Blocked gutter due to tree debris and moss will over time clog your guttering, causing overspill in heavy rain, which in turn will run down exterior walls causing damp and mould to grow on the inside walls. Doors and windows mansfield can maintain and clean your gutters and keep everything working the way that it was intended.

This is the area where the roof meets the exterior walls, and is very often made of wood. These boards need to be maintained and painted regularly to stop them from rotting due the exposure to weather. Any rotting boards need to be replaced quickly to prevent further damage.

The replacement boards can be wood, but UPVC offers a solution that once fitted will require no further attention other than the occasional cleaning. They are also much brighter and cleaner and of course have a much longer life expectancy than wood. For advice on repairing or replacing the fascias on your home, please give us a call.  We are happy to give you the alternatives and costs that you can expect for each system.

This is the area under your rafters adjoining the wall, and it is a vital part of the system of keeping water and moisture out of your roof space.     Older style soffits are made of wood, but the better modern replacement is UPVC, and you can choose from many different colours to compliment your home.

The bargeboard is the protective panel that is attached to the gable ends of your roof. They are subject to a battering in heavy weather, so it is extremely important to always replace rotting bargeboards with the highest quality and most durable boarding availabe.

Custom made PVC bargeboards are custom made and while attractive and convenient, they will withstand the worst of weather and last indefinately with little or no maintenance required.

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