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Are Your Windows Suffering From Any Of These Problems?

Steamed Up?
Let us just install new glass and save you money!

We can fix that no problem! Let us replace the glass.

Locks or Handles Damaged.
No problem. We can fix that too.

Condensation a problem?
We can sort that out too..  Chances are that you only need to replace the double glazed unit. Unless your wood frame is rotten or your upvc is damaged in some way, all that you probably need to do is replace the glass.

So why does my window steam up?
All double glazed units have descant, a water absorbing chemical inserted into the unit, which absorbs any moisture that may occur in the vacuum sealed unit. If, after several years, or if your unit is not sealed correctly or damaged, the descant will start to fail and condensation will collect inside the unit.

The Good News!
The good news is however that you do not need to replace the whole window frame, just the double glazed unit needs to be changed. So you can bring your windows back to their original state and save money by just replacing the damaged glass unit.

By replacing the glass panes and using the original frames, you are helping the planet by producing less waste and saving money in the process. So if you are suffering from steamed up double glazed units, call Doors and Windows Mansfield, and let us give you a quote to replace the glass using your existing frames.

We are also able to help you with other problems, such as broken locks, handles and hinges. Let us give you a quote and save you some money today.

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